Zero-percent cybersecurity unemployment, 1 million jobs unfilled

Given the reported shortage of cybersecurity talent, it makes sense that Managed Cyber Security providers offer numerous leveraged advantages for SMBs that want to bolster their IT security. These advantages include:

  1. Extensive resources– Many SMB owners and managers said they believe their businesses are more prone to cyber attacks because they lack the resources to maintain their defenses. Conversely, an MSP possesses the skills and know-how to minimize such issues.
  2. Better preparation– Many SMB’s note that they are unprepared to deal with insider threats, while almost half say they are unprepared for unsecured internal or external networks. An MSP can help an SMB understand and manage these problems.
  3. Specialization– One third of SMB IT staff say they juggle security along with their other IT responsibilities. However, an MSP can focus exclusively on security and ensure an SMB gets the cybersecurity support it needs at all times.

MSPs, like MergerTree Solutions, that offer platforms that leverage cloud-based security architecture are becoming increasingly important because they allow SMBs to implement protection without investing in new infrastructure or being burdened by upfront deployment and management costs.

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