<%@ Language=VBScript %> <% Dim sBrandID, sQuery, sFrameSrc ' This file will generate the correct blank frameset with an inner frame to point to the eFolder secure server. ' TODO: Change your brand ID below to your 2 or 3 letter brand ID: sBrandID = "ms" ' ' TODO: Customize the text in the HTML below to use your branded name. ' ' TODO: Rename this script (probably to index.php) and upload to your web server. ' For example, upload it to the root of a subdomain... e.g. mydata.mydomain.com ' ' Test it by trying out the following page: ' http://mydata.mydomain.com/?p=trial ' And you should see the free trial page in your browser, but your address bar should still show: ' http://mydata.mydomain.com/?p=trial ' in the browser window... sQuery = Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING") sFrameSrc = "https://backup.securewebportal.net/?EFSB=" & sBrandID & "&" & sQuery %> Online Backup <body> Please enter the online backup web portal <a href="<%= sFrameSrc %>" >here</a>. </body>