One of the best ways for businesses to attract clients is through the Internet, but high quality corporate websites are often too expensive or time consuming for the average small to midsized business.

To resolve this challenge, MergerTree offers a flexible website product based on the needs of small and midsized businesses. The websites are built off of easily customizable templates to tailor pages to fit any client specifications and decrease time to launch.

MergerTree’s website development is designed to allow different levels of client involvement throughout the project. On one end of the spectrum, MergerTree builds the website but the client retains most of the control and manages the day-to-day site operations. This is ideal for businesses who want to control costs by keeping the website mostly in house. Conversely, MergerTree can also manage all aspects of the website so our clients can focus their time and effort on core business operations.

MergerTree’s websites come with guaranteed support to ensure our clients’ sites are always up and running 24/7.