Virtual Office

MergerTree’s Virtual Office solution allows you to take your business to the cloud. This solution provides access to your work desktop anytime, anywhere, from any device, all while maintaining a high level of functionality and security. Virtual Office is compatible with most devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers regardless of brand or operating system.

With MergerTree Virtual Office, your business will get the look and feel of the latest Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint without having to invest in software upgrades, licenses or new hardware.  As soon as a newer version is released and tested it becomes available whenever you’re ready.

By utilizing MergerTree’s secure Data Center, all of your data is backed up and stored in a private cloud.  Even if you lose your old device, your data is still protected from others and accessible to you on a new device.

We understand how critical technology is to small and midsize businesses. To make sure your business is getting the most out of Virtual Office, MergerTree also provides 24/7 support and monitoring, so you can rely on your technology to help your business grow – from anywhere.


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