MergerTree Services include:

MTS-NetworkIconNetwork Management & Security – firewalls, routers, switches, and servers. Monitor and managed network operations to ensure peak availability and security.

MTS-EndpointIconEndpoint Management & Security – workstations, laptops, tablets, mobiles. Support, protect, and manage all user devices to make sure they operate securely and efficiently.

MTS-CyberSecIconCyber Security Services – threat identification, management and mitigation. 24x7x365 threat monitoring and respond services to maintain network security.

MTS-EmailPCIconEmail Security – identity verification, encryption and compliance. Secure your inbox from internet based threats. Configure digital certificate for sender authenticity. Provide secure email options with encryption. Offer email compliance to help meet regulatory requirements.

MTS-PersonIconIdentity Management – secure access to the resources assigned for user/role. Two factor authentication enables a much higher degree of access control verification that only those authorized can gain access.

MTS-PolicyIconPolicy and Governance – policy and compliance and training and auditing. Written Information Security Policy to guide and govern Cyber security in your organization. We offer development, training, and audit controls to ensure staff is adhering to corporate policy.

MTS-CloudIconCloud and Hosting Services – MergerTree has partnered with Microsoft to provide the best in class data center services for hosted applications, like Office365 and dedicated servers in Azure. Our Hybrid solutions ensure 24/7 access to your data and applications anytime, anywhere to keep your business running at maximum efficiency.

Utilizing technology strategically streamlines your business, allowing you to reach and exceed your goals. MergerTree’s managed IT services provide unmatched levels of support and best-in-class solutions for your company’s entire network of computers, devices, and servers. MergerTree’s technology solutions ease the challenge of IT management so you can focus on your core business objectives.