Technology Footprint

Some companies are satisfied just to protect a key folder, critical database, or handful of programs.  Other’s however, need to protect massive amounts of information, including programs, documents, operating systems, etc. across multiple servers and locations.  If you need to survive a major disaster and be fully recovered and doing business as quickly as possible, you’ll need a full backup of EVERYTHING.

Your Technology Footprint is the measurement (in Gigabytes or Terabytes) of your entire system; including all servers, drives, operating systems, databases, documents, programs, etc.

Using a backup of your entire Technology Footprint, we can create a recovery solution known as a BMR (Bare Metal Restore).  This can be done to dissimilar hardware in the event your current equipment (make, model, manufacturer) is no longer available.  This is the level of protection companies want, when failure is simply not an option.

MergerTree’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions have your company’s BMR updated and ready to go at all times.  These can be implemented quickly with little or no impact on your business.  When it’s critical to business, MergerTree is the answer.