Recovery Time Objective

In short, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in IT is how long can you survive without your technology.  Companies vary in their needs based on their industry, location, finances, etc.  Think of it this way, if your systems were gone starting right now, when would you start losing money and how much?  When would it impact your customers, and when would it start to effect prospects and future business?  Most companies can survive 24 hours without technology, painful as it might be; but not much beyond that.  A few companies can go several days or weeks without printing invoices, checks, running reports, etc.; where many more cannot afford to be down for more than a few minutes.

Many of our customers require IT systems that never fail.  Police Departments, Financial Institutions, Churches, Government Offices and Medical Facilities.  These organizations count on being fully operational during any level of crisis or disaster – and they’ve chosen MergerTree to provide their solution, you should too.