Risk Assessment

Both you and your company have a technology investment consisting not just in the cost of the hardware and software, but in the time and energy spent setting up, configuring and creating the documents, programs, email, etc. that make you more efficient.  Like any investment, your technology needs to be protected from a range of disasters from something as simple as saving a blank file over that big presentation to large natural disasters and everything in between.  Let’s face it, it’s not IF disaster will strike, it’s being prepared for WHEN it happens to you.  Keeping your company working during and after a disaster of any size requires planning.  57% of all SMBs have no recovery plans, according to a survey by Symantec.  40% of businesses that experience a disaster never re-open, and of those that do, 25% will be out of business within 24 months, according to the US Department of Labor.  Will your company survive, or be another statistic?

Location is a key factor in Risk Assessment.  Is your company located near the coast?  Is your business in a flood plain?  Are you in an area impacted by snow and ice?  Do you have backup power, phone and internet connections?  What type of building are you in?  Is it in a city, near a railroad, by a refinery or chemical plant?  Do your employees work remotely, and could they if needed?  How old is your equipment, and is it under warranty?  How far do your support staff live from the main office?

All of these questions, and many more like them, are part of a complete Risk Assessment to determine what realistically could impact your business and effect your customers.  It’s all about being prepared, and having someone to call who can support you when it’s needed most.  What some may call disasters do not impact MergerTree customers with a strong Backup and Disaster Recovery plan.