Recovery Plan

It’s not your backup that will save your company…it’s the RESTORE!  There are cheap, on-line solutions that can “backup” information to the internet.  Simple math will tell you if these solutions are right for you.  You know the size of your internet connection, and you know the volume of data you need to protect.  It’s not uncommon for these services to take many hours or days to restore just a few Gigabytes of information, and Terabytes of data can take weeks or MONTHS to recover.  These sites make no claims to recovery time and no promises that your backup data won’t be corrupt when you need it most (the internet is full of stories where these companies lost data or had corrupt files).  Worst of all, they only backup data and miss the programs, operating systems, and other important items needed for a timely recovery.  Remember, anyone will sell you a backup, but it’s the speed and reliability of the RESTORE that will be critical to the recovery of your business in a disaster.