Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disasters can be anything from coffee spilled on a keyboard to hurricanes and floods.  Understanding your Risk Assessment is critical to every business.  If it could impact business and effect your customers, we have a solution.  We’ll work with you to determine your company’s Recovery Time Objective and Technology Footprint; and from that design a Recovery Plan that makes the most sense for your business.



Simple Solution – This product is for smaller companies looking to protect several Gigabytes of information.  This is an automated, cost effective cloud backup system that will store fully encrypted backups to the Data Center.  This solution also works well for individual laptops and workstations not covered by a more comprehensive backup system.



Full Protection – This scalable commercial Backup and Disaster Recovery solution meets the requirements of any company regardless of size.  Automated, fully encrypted, and synchronization with off-site Data Centers, this solution eliminates the need for tapes, drives, or other backup media.  Best of all, it can virtualize your systems on or off-site quickly, and can grow as your business grows so you’re always protected.

Business Grade File Sync with Military Grade security!