Your Firewall Can Keep You Trading

A secure, fast and reliable network is vital to conducting business. For investment and money management firms this is particularly true. What happens if your internet connection drops while the markets are open? The cost of losing your trading sessions on eSignal or Bloomberg or other trading terminals may be hard to quantify but it is clearly not insignificant. While the markets are open, active firms need to be trading. But, in the past, if their internet connection dropped they found themselves at the mercy of the local provider’s SLA. And in most cases that SLA is simply best effort!

In an effort to avoid costly down time, many firms have purchased a redundant internet connection. Redundant configurations provide you with a standby circuit that is like insurance. You pay for it every month and pray you never need it. The second internet service is paid to stand idly by waiting for a failure on the primary service before it can take on the traffic. The cost is the same whether you are using it or not. While this failover configuration resolves a carrier outage issue, it is not very efficient. Despite the drawbacks, it used to be the safest answer to avoiding downtime.

Now there is a better way. Newer managed firewalls can accommodate two simultaneous internet connections and efficiently utilize them both. Rather than paying for a standby circuit to wait around, both connections work for you. This effectively protects your network while giving your team added speed and capacity every single day. In the event of one internet provider failing, all traffic is seamlessly routed over the second link until the failed service is restored. No wasted investment. No down time. WIN WIN!!

The availability of simultaneous internet connections is one tremendous benefit of modern firewalls. But it isn’t the only one. The primary job of a firewall is to protect your network from unauthorized access.  Newer models may offer complete filtering of the internet traffic moving through them. This feature can be used to filter out known hackers and malware sites, preventing them from infiltrating your network and planting malware or trojans. A managed firewall can take this up another level providing even greater security by offering real-time alerting on any threatening traffic enabling immediate professional response and intervention. Managed firewalls work with an associated subscription to keep the anti-virus, anti-malware, and IPS (intrusion prevention system) up to date helping your cybersecurity evolve along with the ever changing cyber threats. With a modern firewall in place and professionally monitored, you are securing multiple layers of protection on your data and network. Threats to your network will be expediently identified and neutralized providing a proactive response against cybercrime rather than a reactive recovery after the fact. The safer your network remains, the more reliable your connectivity remains. All of these efforts result in less down time caused by cybercrime and superior consistent connectivity for your company.

All modern businesses need secure, fast, and reliable networks to function. Investment and money management firms need IT even more. A current managed firewall can help keep you trading.