Important Notice regarding WannaCry/WannaCrypt Ransomware threat

News is spreading fast about this global ransomware threat. Over the weekend Europe, China, and Russia based computer systems were struck heavily by this new threat. We are still seeing this threat grow and it has reached the U.S. as well.

For MergerTree Managed services clients we run endpoint protection and Windows updates to protect your systems from such threats. However, there are still necessary precautions and considerations for your home systems and friends and family that may not have such system protection.
Precautionary measures to mitigate ransomware threats include:

  • Ensure anti-virus software is up-to-date. (Webroot is included with MergerTree Managed Desktop services).
  • Implement a data back-up and recovery plan to maintain copies of sensitive or proprietary data in a separate and secure location. Backup copies of sensitive data should not be readily accessible from local networks. (Server backups are included in the MergerTree Managed Services Agreements).
  • Scrutinize links contained in e-mails, and do not open attachments included in unsolicited e-mails.
  • Only download software – especially free software – from sites you know and trust.
  • Enable automated patches for your operating system and Web browser.

A Message From Webroot:

Webroot does currently protect you from WannaCry ransomware. In simple terms, although this ransomware is currently causing havoc across the globe, the ransomware itself is similar to what we have seen before. It’s the advanced delivery mechanism that has unfortunately caught many organizations off guard.

In addition to deploying Webroot as part of a strong endpoint control strategy, it is essential you continue to keep your systems up-to-date on the latest software versions, and invest in user education on the dangers of phishing, ransomware, social engineering and other common attack vectors.

Read the full Alert from US-CERT: