Managed Cybersecurity Solutions designed to protect your business.

The National Institute of Standards Cybersecurity framework, developed in 2014, defines the cybersecurity standards for technology in business. MergerTree Managed Cybersecurity Platform puts the NIST standards in place for your business.

The Path to effective Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Assessment~ the first step in preparedness, the MergerTree cybersecurity assessment evaluates your network delivers documented issues, solutions and recommendations for compliance.

WISP development~ creating the written information security policies you need. MergerTree WISP development delivers a full set of security policies. The policies are company specific, securely hosted, annually updated and employee training is provided.

Managed Cybersecurity~ MergerTree establishes a strong foundation for your business with the MergerTree certified network. The network is continually monitored and proactively managed. Managed cybersecurity includes active guarding of your technology including compliance, proactive service, training, and policy updates and audits.

Business Continuity Development~MergerTree will design a Business Continuity Plan that prepares your company to continue doing business when others can’t.

Disaster Recovery Planning~MergerTree has partnered with Cyber5. Together we will design a Disaster Recovery Plan that prepares your company to recover in the event of disaster.

MergerTree & Cyber5 ~ your comprehensive technology & cybersecurity solutions.