Ransomware is reaching epidemic proportions!

Ransomware is reaching epidemic proportions! So much so the FBI and Homeland Security is providing warning and guidance that we would like to share.

Ransomware is not a new threat, it is a rapidly growing threat. For several years now ransomware has proven extremely profitable to the bad actors. Recently, we are seeing far more of this criminal activity.  Ransomware is usually spread through email that contains an attached or linked malicious payload. The recipient is tricked into opening this link or attachment and this activates the mal-ware which begins encrypting the hard drive!

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What should you do?

  • Be cautious and informed.
  • Think before you click! Don’t click links or open attachments that are suspect or that you did not expect to receive.
  • Contact the sender directly. DO NOT HIT REPLY! Start a new message and send to your known contact to make certain the message received is legitimate.
  • Understand how to identify spoofed email addresses and the URL (the link in the email).
  • Keep your updates current, run Windows or Apple updates regularly.
  • Restrict user’s ability to install programs under their sign in credentials (use an admin account for installs).
  • Share this information with friends and family!