Business Continuity Development

Business Continuity designed to meet your needs.

The National Institute of Standards- Cybersecurity Framework defines the requirement for a fully develop Business Continuity Plan including a company specific Disaster Recovery Plan.

A Business Continuity Plan outlines the procedures needed to maintain your full scope of core business functions during a disaster and establishes the business infrastructure to support those procedures.

MergerTree will design a Business Continuity Plan that prepares your company to continue doing business when others can’t.

A Disaster Recovery Plan is the cornerstone of an effective Business Continuity Plan.

NIST framework suggests eight categories to be included in a company DRP.

  • Computer Emergency Response Plan
  • Succession Plan
  • Data Study
  • Criticality of Service
  • Order of recovery based on time frame
  • Data backup and Restoration Plan
  • Equipment Replacement Plan
  • Mass Media Management


No plan is effective without testing and updates. NIST suggests a minimum annual test and update. MergerTree will work with you to design a full Business Continuity Plan including Disaster Recovery, to run active and passive testing, and to update your plans regularly as compliance or business requirements change.