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Recent developments in cybercrime have prompted us to recommend that all of our current clients now implement the MergerTree managed cybersecurity platform.

Cybersecurity Business Alert.

Growth and change in the cyber technology environment has increased cybercrime and raised the risk level for all businesses. Here at MergerTree we are vigilant and aware of the evolving cybersecurity threats. Since MergerTree began providing technology solutions in 1999, security has been a driving company principle. We began business by establishing a secure data center to host our clients’ critical business information and applications, and creating a managed service practice to provide secure technology service for our clients.

Businesses like yours form the core of our country.  According to Entrepreneur Magazine there are between 25 million and 27 million small businesses in the U.S. that account for 60 to 80 percent of all U.S. jobs. Those businesses generate billions of dollars in revenue and are critical to the stable infrastructure of the United States.

The federal government realizes the importance of this resource and recognizes the increasing threat of cybercrime.  Money is lost to cybercrime, reputations destroyed, businesses close, and jobs are lost. The government acted in a proactive manner, they acted on the belief that the best way to protect someone is to teach them to protect themselves. The federal government assigned the National Institute of Standards in Technology to develop a guideline for the SMB market. NIST responded and in February 2014 published the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

MergerTree went to work immediately reconciling our established security practices with those defined in the NIST framework. We strengthened our own cybersecurity stance and delivered stronger security to our managed service clients with no increase in cost. Many of you have seen these changes as we implemented additional security on every level from desktop protection, to email, to server security, and DNS security. We saw to it that the bases were covered and that we were providing several layers of cybersecurity.

Now the threats have increased and we see greater risk to our clients. Since February 2014, MergerTree has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity platform to protect our clients. We provide cybersecurity assessments and risk resolution, Written Information Security Policy development, and managed cybersecurity for many MergerTree clients. Now we recognize the cybercrime threat has grown and we strongly recommend each of our clients implement our cybersecurity platform.

We will be contacting you to introduce the full cybersecurity platform and discuss implementation.

Watch this video for more information on our new 24x7x365 cyber threat response.